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Excessive Parking of Vehicles within Bear Creek Community

Published: February 29, 2024

Due to the recent concerns brought to the Board’s attention regarding on-street parking, the rules for parking will now be more closely monitored through our Compliance Department and subject to towing starting March 11th and moving forward. Owners should limit the amount of time and number of vehicles parked on the street and ensure compliance with the Association’s rules and regulations regarding this matter are followed to avoid a notice of violation, fine, and/or towing of a vehicle.

We kindly ask if you, or someone in your household are an owner of any vehicle(s) currently parking on the street within the Bear Creek community, that you be mindful and courteous of your fellow neighbors and restrict your on-street parking to periodic parking in front of your own residence only.

Rules & Regulations

    1. No More than 72 Hour Parking – Each household should limit the number of vehicles parking on the street. When parking on the street, vehicles should be parked in front of your own home. On-street parking is primarily for the purpose of guest and temporary parking for deliveries and those providing services such as lawn maintenance. The garage and driveway of a home should be utilized for parking of vehicles for those Residents within Bear Creek. This will ensure visitors and vendors alike will have the ability to utilize on-street parking when it is needed. We ask that all persons be conscious of your use of on-street parking and ensure use of your garage and driveway as your primary means of parking your vehicles.
    2. Unlicensed/Unregistered – Vehicles without license plates or expired stickers parked on the street within the community.
    3. Inoperable Vehicles – Vehicles with flat tires or otherwise need obvious repairs to operate.
    4. Abandoned – Vehicles which have not moved for an extended period, (over 72 hrs.), or parked on the HOA’s Common Areas/Parking Lots are subject for immediate tow.
    5. Commercial Vehicles – DOT Class 4 or greater (GVWR of > 14,001 lbs. or those intended for transport of more than 15 passengers.

Please be advised, continued abuse of on-street parking may result in amendment to the Association’s Governing Documents or Rules and/or notice of violation and possible towing of vehicle. The Association will attempt to identify the vehicle owner -or- will place a sticker on the windshield of the vehicle as advance notice of any remedy to be taken by the Association to eliminate the excessive on-street parking within the community. If your vehicle is towed the Association assumes no liability and all costs of towing and retrievable of the vehicle will be at the sole cost and expense of the vehicle’s owner.

If your vehicle receives an orange sticker, DO NOT IGNORE THIS WARNING!

Click here to download and read the BC Towing notice 2

Bear Creek Ranch HOA

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